• Gregory Kidd is the Head Bus Driver in the Maplewood Richmond Heights School District Transportation Department

    "The mission of the MRH Transportation Department is to deliver MRH students safely to and from school as well as school related activities. We as bus drivers represent the MRH School District to the children and their parents. Having the ability to make children and parents feel comfortable is just as important as knowing how to drive the school bus.  

    I have been in the school transportation industry since 2008 and value the opportunity to be a steady and important part of a child’s daily routine by getting a child’s day off to a great start or ending the day with a smile. I like making a difference by helping a nervous kindergartner or greeting a seasoned high school student. I enjoy the interaction with my students and their families and love belonging to the MRH community.  

    I can be reached at gregory.kidd@mrhschools.net or (314) 446-1724."

  • MRH School Buses


    There are six buses which provide daily route service to and from the Elementary school. Once these routes are completed, four buses go on to provide route service to and from the Early Childhood Center, and three buses service the High and Middle schools on combined routes. 

    Students living less than a mile from their school are considered “walkers” and not eligible to ride the buses unless there are safety concerns. Influencing this decision is the age of the child and the character of the streets and environs that must be navigated. Generally, High and Middle school students are confined to the one-mile rule. Younger children are not required to cross Big Bend or Manchester on foot and are provided bus service if either road is on their path to school. 

    In addition, Early Childhood students are required to have an adult or older sibling wait with them in the morning and meet them at the bus stop in the afternoon. Drivers will not let these students off of the bus unless there is someone, identifiable by the driver, there to meet them. 

    MRH transportation procedures are guided by Board Policy EEA

    Student Transportation Services (Board Policy)
    Student Conduct on School Transportation (Board Policy)
    Bus Discipline Procedures

    Bus schedules for 2023-2024 can be found under the Parents tab of this website.