Goals: For Our Students

    1. Equip all students with the flexibility and adaptability needed to be successful in an ever-changing world.

    2. Create relevant, thought-provoking, authentic learning experiences that engage all students.

    3. Empower all students to design personalized pathways for their future.

    Goals: For Our Health

    1. Develop and utilize a continuum of social emotional curriculum for all students.

    2. Develop a comprehensive plan to support the growth and development of our talent.

    3. Provide warm, welcoming, and safe school environments.

    Goals: For Our People

    1. Develop a system to recruit and retain talent.

    2. Develop a system to support and inspire staff to reach their full potential.

    3. Create a positive culture and climate for all employees, which will lead to better outcomes for students and the community.

    Goals: For Our Resources

    1. Maintain an annually reviewed comprehensive and sustainable facilities plan to support student learning.

    2. Ensure our school buildings and district facilities are accessible, safe, and secure.

    3. Maintain fiscal responsibility by supporting a balanced budget.

    4. Implement a comprehensive process to assess and enhance outcomes in all aspects of district operations, encompassing finance, human resources, technology, facilities management, and instructional programs, among other key areas.

    Goals: For Our Community

    1. Develop and articulate an identity that distinguishes MRH as a district committed to academic excellence and student success.

    2. Collaborate to develop a shared vision and systematic approach for increasing community partnerships.

    3. Create a shared commitment to equitable family engagement between the school community and MRH so that the education experience promotes a shared responsibility for student success.