• Dr. Abby Erwin is the Technology Coordinator in the Maplewood Richmond Heights School District Technology Department.

    “At MRH, we believe that technology helps us to develop new ways to connect, communicate, collaborate, and learn together.  We are guided by these ideas:

    • Technology should improve educational experiences and outcomes. 

    • Technology serves to enhance learning and instruction by adding value.

    • Technology supports curriculum, learning, and the individual needs of students.

    It is important to us that technology is available to all, sustainable, and supported for all users.

    For me, technology is the medium through which I paint a learning experience for others. It makes me happy to not only help others discover what technology can do for their instruction and learning standards, but to be able to empower the community we serve to take chances, push the boundaries of learning, and integrate technology to support student learning.  Technology should never be the star of the classroom, but the supporting character in the learning process.  I’m lucky to have the opportunity to share these experiences and ideas with the MRH family.

    I can be reached at abby.erwin@mrhschools.net or (314) 446-1727."

    To submit a work order for tech support, visit MRH BlueChalk.

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